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Terleckey Premium Wood Pellet Sales

With home heating oil prices constantly increasing and global events threatening our supply of crude, John along with his two sons Kevin and John W. had a vision of the future need for alternative heating options and thought that diversifying into wood pellet sales would be a good fit to the existing business of agriculture and trucking. In 1999, when Terleckey Premium Wood Pellet Sales was established, wood pellets were just beginning to gain a foot hold as a viable, economical option to fossil fuels. Today, the market has exploded.

Remember the little guys by the railroad tracks when ordering your pellets

Since its inception, Terleckey Premium Wood Pellet Sales has cultivated relationships with producers of premium wood pellets throughout the United States and Canada guaranteeing you an adequare supply to satisfy your seasonal heating needs. Even during the trying times of Hurricane Katrina and the shortage of raw materials in the 2008-2009 heating season, we were able to supply our home heating customers as well as several hearth heating stores with pellets.

Pellets are delivered to our warehouse via truck from American producers or by rail when delivered from Canada. Upon delivery, pellets are promptly unloaded and stored inside, away from the elements to prevent them from drawing moisture.

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And remember, gift certificates available, Pellets are a great holiday gift idea!

Pellet Products

We carry several brands of high quality wood pellets, all certified by the National Pellet Fuel Institute and carrying their seal on the bags. Among the brands we handle are:

Pinnacle Pellets and Armstrong Pellets: Imported from British Columbia, Canada. We are the only New York importer of these pellets. These pellets are a mixture of fir, spruce and pine. They are very clean, have a low moisture and ash content & high BTU value.

New England: This is one of the first pellets we sold and still offer today. This is a high quality hard wood pellet produced with hardwoods native to New Hampshire. These pellets also have a low moisture & ash content & high BTU value.

Heat Resource: These are Oak Pellets manufactured in Arkansas.

American Wood Fibers: These pellets are predominantly cherry mixed with other hardwood.

Bio Bricks and Envi Blocks: Compressed sawdust designed to be used in a regular fireplace or wood stove. These are extremely low moisture, clean burning and produce very little creosol.